Corgi 1/76 OM40507 Feltham Tram London Transport 2079 Croydon 1951

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Feltham Tram London Transport, 2079, Croydon, 7th April 1951. In 1929, Union Construction Company (U.C.C), located in Feltham in Middlesex trialled their first tram, known as the ‘Feltham’. 100 of these were built and in 1931, 54 of them were used by Metropolitan Electric Tramways, the other 46 being used by London United Transport. All 100 were transferred to London Transport in 1933. Between 1949 and 1951 the Feltham tram was phased out due to the arrival of the Trolleybus. As depicted here, the last run of a Feltham Tram in London was given to 2079 on the 7th April 1951, a commemorative last day tour of the Croydon route(the last of the routes to close). It give passengers that one last time to ride these iconic trams. Just two days later, 2079 left for a new life at Leeds Corporation Tramways along with 91 other Felthams, where it served there until the tramway closure in 1959. There are just 3 Feltham Trams that survive today, No’s 331, 341 and 355, all ex-Metropolitan Electric Tramways.
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