Antics Online General Terms and Conditions

Statutory Rights

None of the information below affects your statutory rights. We are a UK based company and all contracts for the sale of goods entered into by Antics on the website will be subject to the laws of England and Wales.

Company Information

Anticsonline is the website of the Antics chain of high street model and hobbies shops.
Antics and anticsonline are trading names of Alan Tyndall Limited, a family owned UK registered company based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

All users of the anticsonline website agree that their access to and use of it are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this notice and to all applicable laws. Any such access or use is undertaken at the user's own risk and Alan Tyndall Limited shall have no liability for loss or inconvenience caused by use of or acting upon information on this website without the knowledge or agreement of Alan Tyndall Limited.
In all cases of interpretation or dispute the laws of England and Wales shall apply.

These terms and conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice.

Website Location, Order Enquiries
and Address for Returns

Unit 1, Springfield Business Centre
Brunel Way
GL10 3SX

Company Registered Office

Alan Tyndall Ltd. trading as Antics
Unit 1, Springfield Business Centre
Brunel Way
GL10 3SX

UK Registered Company Number : 01860713
VAT Number : 276 1370 55

Our Mail / Internet Orders and Customer Support Team can be Contacted By

Telephone : 01453 377030
From outside of the United Kingdom Telephone +44 1453 377030

Email :
Alternative Email :

Information on our Website

The information and data displayed on our website is to the best of our knowledge accurate at the time of publication.

Products are sold subject to the product description. We will take all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products appearing on our website are correct at the time when the relevant information was entered. We update the website with product details, any changes to the originally advertised specifications and anticipated release dates whenever this information is provided to us by the manufacturer or importer. Please note that photographs supplied by manufacturers often show a similar, or pre-production product, a 3D CAD image or artists impression and may not always be a photograph of the final production model or product.

Alan Tyndall Limited, the product manufacturers, importers, distributors or other suppliers provide no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind that the site or the product descriptions supplied are error free and reserve the right to make changes to the advertised specifications at any time without prior notification in order to provide a better description of the final product.
In cases that such changes make a product unsatisfactory for your requirements please return the product as directed under returns, your protections by right of cancellation will apply.

Copyright, Intellectual Property and Trade Marks

Copyright to the information on the anticsonline website belongs to Alan Tyndall Limited and/or the manufacturer, supplier or trade mark owner of the product. Such information is provided for personal, non-commercial use only. You may not publish, transfer, create derivative works or make commercial use any of the content without the consent of Alan Tyndall Limited and/or the copyright or trade mark holders.
All trade marks are used with the consent of the trade mark owners. This consent is not transferable.

Colour Reproduction

Antics take great care with the colours of the products, as they appear online, however the variation in reproduction on screens and monitors due to equipment limitations and personal setting preferences may cause the colours shown on screens to vary from the actual product. In some cases models are produced in several colours boxed at random. Every reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the descriptions are accurate, where the description indicates that various colours are supplied please contact us for colours available or advise us of your preferences.

Pricing & Currencies

Within reason our policy is to maintain prices shown and on order confirmations they are an 'invitation to treat' and subject to change, particularly for new and back ordered products and where there are currency fluctuations. If a previously notified price cannot be adhered to you will be contacted to confirm that the new is acceptable. Where pricing is not available the website shows a zero price so that customers can add items to their orders as an expression of interest. Updated price info will be advised to enable order confirmation.

All transactions are processed in UK Pounds Sterling.

Final charges in local currency are subject to the exchange rates applying on the day that the order is processed. Local commission or currency charges maybe applied by your own bank or payment card issuer.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Prices shown on the anticsonline website include UK VAT, generally 20% for most products but 0% on books..

VAT is automatically deducted from orders for delivery to addresses outside of the United Kingdom in the checkout process.

UK Delivery for Export
Where items cosigned to a UK address will be permanently exported from the UK to a VAT exempt destination within 3 months of purchase please state this along with the final destination country in writing using the Delivery Instructions box on the checkout screen,or by email to
We will arrange to deduct the VAT from the product prices before charging your payment card or refund any VAT payment already made.

Stock, Shipping and Carriage

Current stock information is shown on our website. When your order can be supplied from WEBSITE stock the delivery timescales shown below can be expected.

If the website stock quantity is showing zero (0) or the product is only available from our shops then there is likely to be a delay in the dispatch of your order.
Contact on 01453 377030 or email with any questions, our staff will be able to provide their best estimate of the likely timescale to assemble the items for your order or make alternative arrangements to expedite any urgent requests. Please note there may be a request for payment of additional postage charges for the sending of multiple shipments.

Pre-order items are items not currently in stock.
Where we have a delivery date this is shown on the website. Please contact us for further information and information on products where no stock or delivery date is shown as products are often announced many months ahead of release.
Please do NOT send Paypal payments for pre-order items.
If the products are not available quickly we will contact you to arrange payment when the products are released.

To provide the best possible rates for delivery we attempt to send orders as one shipment or combine items into a minimal number of shipments. We can arrange for items to be sent as separate shipments, however we may request settlement of additional postage charges for multiple shipments.

Shipping Prices and Delivery Timescales

Mainland England, Wales & Scotland (except Highlands & Islands)
Small items which can be sent by letter mail Royal Mail 48 hour service £3.00
Up to 2Kg, package under 600mm length Royal Mail 48 hour service £4.50
Over 2Kg and larger package sizes UK Mail Courier next day service £9.00
Orders over £199.99 total value - carriage included.
Orders for products available from Website stock can be upgraded from Royal Mail 48 hour to UK Mail next day courier service at the checkout.

Where we are able to send full shipments there will be only one delivery charge. Where forward order items are expected to arrive over a longer period and individual shipments are needed we reserve the right to request payment of the delivery charge per shipment where the shipment value is less than £75.
Please note - if you request items to be sent direct from our shops this will incur a shipping charge for each shipment.

Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands, Channel Islands and Isle of Wight
Up to 2Kg, package under 600mm length Royal Mail 48 hour service £5.00 max
Over 2Kg and larger package sizes UK Mail Courier next day service at cost comprising  £9.00 plus any surcharges which may be applied by the carrier. You will usually be shown the applicable additional delivery charge in the checkout process.

Please note neither Royal Mail or the courier service providers are able to guarantee delivery dates, times or timescales. Please see 'If your shipment does not arrive within the expected timescale' below.
Items 'not called for' in response to 'While You Were Out' cards are normally returned to us after being held for 21 days from the date of the first delivery attempt.

Addresses outside of the United Kingdom.
We make a base packing charge of £6.00 on all orders. If this covers your postage charges we will send your order without further charge.
We use a web based comparison site to obtain competitive quotations for overseas shipments as package sizes and weights cannot be predicted. We will endeavour to pack items into as small and light a package as is conducive with safe transport and pass on any savings from promotions and offers when these are available.
We will contact you with the best quotations we have been able to obtain and request settlement of the charge before despatch. You retain the right to cancel your order if the total charges are excessive Payment can be made by Paypal or on your payment card by telephoning us on +44 1453 377030.

Do NOT send your payment card details by email.

Delivery to most EU countries is normally completed in 5-7 days, however some EU countries postal services can be slower.
Deliveries to European countries outside of EU and North America are likely to be delayed by customs inspection, a delivery timescale of 7-10 days.
Delivery to other countries can be expected to take 10-14 days.

We can make goods available for collection where customers are able to obtain better rates from their own carrier on when booked from their home country. Please note that in such cases any loss or damage occurring in transport will be the responsibility of the purchaser from the time the package leaves Antics premises.

If Your Shipment Does Not Arrive Within The Expected Timescale

We send an automated email with an invoice listing the items dispatched on the day of dispatch. If your delivery has not arrived by the end of the expected timescale from the date of the email please contact us by Telephone 01453 377030 or Email to confirm the dispatch date.
For Royal Mail deliveries we suggest also contacting your local Royal Mail delivery office and asking them to check if they have any items held for your name and/or address as sometimes 'while you were out' cards are not left, go missing or are disposed of due to being mistaken for or mixed with 'junk mail'.
UK Mail shipments are fully tracked and we will be able to provide a tracking number to locate and rearrange delivery.

Restricted products.

There are restrictions on the carriage of some products within and outside of the UK. Where we can ship the product with an alternative carrier we will arrange this. Products which are not accepted by Royal Mail but can be delivered by courier service will automatically set you order to delivery by courier in the checkout.

Royal Mail Prohibited Products include :
All pressurised aerosol cans (spray paints etc.), many liquid products, chemicals, solvents (eg liquid adhesives), rocket motors, caps for cap guns and nitro fuel.
The following are also over sized for Royal Mail 48 hour service :
Model railway track, one-piece aircraft wings, wood strip and sheets many large scale plastic kits and large die-cast aircraft models.

Overseas Delivery Prohibited Products include :
All liquid products including all paints, both aerosol and tins, all liquid solvents, most glues. All explosive and pyrotechnic products including rocket motors and cap gun caps. All firearms and imitation firearms including toy, replica and BB guns.

Some other products are restricted in certain countries by national import restrictions or restrictions in our reseller agreement with manufacturers.
Please note these lists are not exhaustive and are subject to change without notice. Any orders cancelled due to restrictions will not be charged or will be refunded promptly.

Customs Charges

Non-EU delivery : Antics prices do not include import duty, customs charges or other purchase taxes payable on imported products. These are levied by the authorities of the destination country and must be paid to them by the arrangements in place.
Your local customs service will be able to advise on the rates of duty or taxes which will apply.

A fair and true value of contents of packages will be declared. Antics will not declare a false value or mark purchased products as a gift.
If you have a preferred description for your local customs to allocate the appropriate rates of duty please advise us with your order or by email. We will check any non-English wording translates to appropriate terms.

Limitation of liability

In all cases you agree that Antics maximum liability shall be limited to the sum of the total order payment made by yourself plus the cost of return postage incurred up to a maximum of the Royal Mail Standard Parcel rate applicable to packages of the size and weight of the package returned.
Antics shall have no liability to reimburse payments for any additional services (eg. Special delivery or insurance premiums) unless such service and cost has been specifically agreed with us in advance. Antics shall have no liability for, but not limited to, disappointment, time lost or any consequential loss of any form whatsoever, nor loss arising from non supply, damage, supply from other retailers, or faults arising from changes or modifications to products made by third parties without Antics knowledge and authorisation.

Payment Card Security

The anticsonline web checkout uses Payment Card Industry (PCI) approved 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Check for the 'padlock' symbol in your web browser address line.
Card details entered through anticsonline are processed by Realex Payments, a division of Global Payments Inc. Payments are validated on a 28 days authorisation basis and settlement requested when the products are ready for dispatch. Where items are not available within 28 days (eg. pre-orders) we will contact you to re-arrange payment once the products are ready.

Antics staff have no access to payment card details and these are not recorded, retained or held on file, other than the card type used.

When your order or payment is completed by telephone payment card numbers are not retained for longer than necessary. Written details are destroyed by shredding.

In the event that you are issued a new payment card if this card is connected with your existing account the existing authorisation will still be validated by your card issuer and your payment should proceed normally.
If we are unable to settle your payment for any reason (eg. You have changed to a different card issuer) we will contact you by email asking you to telephone us so we can arrange for a payment to be completed using your current or an alternative payment card.
Our telephone number can be verified from anticsonline website and from telephone directories.
Anticsonline does not record, retain or hold on file any payment card numbers and we cannot change or update the card details originally supplied for your order. If your card has changed we will contact you to arrange a payment once the products ordered are available for dispatch

Split Deliveries

Where the products you have ordered are not all available at the date of ordering (eg. pre-order items) and individual items for your order arrive at different times we may use the initial authorisation to take payment for items ready for dispatch. We will contact you to arrange payment for the outstanding items once these have come into stock and are ready for dispatch to you.

Information We Collect

Anticsonline collects and records the following information for the purposes described

  • The product or products you wish to order.
  • Your name and address for delivery of your order.
  • The registered address of the card holder for the purposes of verifying the identity of the purchaser or card holder and allowing delivery to an alternative address to be arranged.
  • Payment source comprising card type, Paypal or other payment to complete your purchase and make refunds when required in compliance with the relevant laws and financial industry banking regulations.
  • Email address and telephone number for the purpose of communicating with you in respect of your order and the delivery. We offer the option to have your email address added to our promotions circulation list.

Your details are not shared with any third party excepting :

  • RealEx / Global Payments - Details required by RealEx / Global Payments and your payment card issuer to verify your identity as the authorised card holder and process your payment.
  • Delivery Companies (principally though not limited to Royal Mail and DHL Parcels) - Information required by the delivery company to effect delivery, including physical and email address such that the delivery company can provide updates on the progress of your delivery and telephone number so the delivery company can contact you in the event of any difficulty in locating your address.
  • Law Enforcement - Relevant agencies for law enforcement and the prevention or frustration of criminal enterprise when we are presented with good and valid reasons for confidential disclosure.
  • Other - Information requested or required by our card processors, RealEx / Global Payments, your payment card issuer or company card holder or accounts office in respect of any query which they may raise with the purchase or delivery of your order. Typically this would be the name of the recipient and delivery address, as shown on invoices, to identify goods, confirm delivery and reconcile accounts.

If you wish us to remove your details from our systems after your order has been completed please advise us in writing or by email to

Please be aware that your contact details may be required for up to 12 months (longer in some cases) from the completion of your order to verify your purchase in the event of an issue arising under warranty.
If we remove your details we may not be able to produce a copy invoice as your proof of purchase.

Receiving Deliveries

Many small items which will fit within a standard sized letter box are sent unrecorded as we anticipate that the package will be deposited securely inside your premises.
Larger packages and packages containing products with a value over £35.00 are normally sent by recorded service and a signature will be required. If you are not available a card will be left with contact details for the carrier such that you can re-arrange a delivery or collect from their depot. We can mark packages to be signed for by a neighbour where you have agreed with your neighbour to accept packages on your behalf.

A packing note listing products sent in each shipment is included in the package.
On delivery please check the following before disposing of any packaging materials :
External condition of package - Do NOT sign for any delivery which shows evidence of external damage. Instruct the carrier to record the package as refused due to damage and return the package to us.
Check the contents - Check that all of the items listed on the delivery note are found in the package before disposing of any part of the package or packaging.
Check inside any large product boxes (eg. plastic kits) for any small items which we may have placed inside a larger box. Please also check the packaging material carefully including under box flaps etc. for any missing items.

In the event of any issue or question arising with your delivery or items ordered but not yet delivered please contact us as quickly as possible, at the latest within 7 days in the case of damage, by

Telephone - 01453 377030 (+44 1453 377030)
Email -

We will endeavour to reach an agreeable solution to any issue which has arisen as quickly as possible.

Right of Cancellation

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, the product supplied differs from the originally advertised product due to manufacturing changes and is no-longer suitable, a model has or has developed a defect, or you wish to cancel your order or return any item for any reason please contact us for assistance.

The Consumer Contracts Regulations provide for you to cancel most Internet, mail and telephone orders from the time the order is placed until 15 days after the delivery of the goods.
Deliveries of multiple-line pre-orders shall be considered as separate contracts for each item or group of items dispatched. Your right of cancellation shall be effective until 15 days after the delivery of the product to be cancelled or returned.

To cancel your order before shipment please contact us by :

Telephone - 01453 377030 (+44 1453 377030)
Email -
Post - Antics, Unit 1 Springfield Business Centre, Brunel Way. Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3SX

Where we have an email address on your order you will receive an email confirming that we have received your instruction and cancelled your order.
Any funds held on your account will be refunded.
Items being returned will be credited to your account and refunded on receipt.

Refunds can take 3-5 working days to appear in your bank or payment card statements from the date of processing.

If you do not receive confirmation of acknowledgement of receipt or actioning of your emailed cancellation instruction within 3 working days please telephone us to confirm that we have received your instruction.

Limitations of rights of cancellation

The Right of Cancellation is intended to allow customers adequate time to examine a product after it has been delivered and before accepting the product. This replaces your ability in a retail shop to examine goods before committing yourself to purchase the item you have been shown and applies to most 'off-the-shelf' products. You may open external packaging and examine the contents, please retain all retail packaging as this will be needed if you decide to return the product.

Due to the nature of some products there are limitations on your right of cancellation in some instances.

Acceptance Before Use
It is reasonable to conclude that you have accepted products below before you have commenced to use the product under the circumstances described. These will not be accepted for cancellation after you have commenced to use them.
Please examine these products carefully on delivery. If you have concerns or questions about the product please contact us, we will be able to put you in touch with staff with extensive knowledge of these products who will be able to advise you.

Radio Controlled Models, eg. cars, boats and aircraft
Radio controlled models, particularly fuel engined models, will not be accepted for refund after the model has been used or after a fuel engine has been started.
The manufacturers warranty covers you for manufacturing faults or defects. Accidental damage is not covered by warranty and models showing evidence of crash damage will not be accepted for cancellation or refund.
We reserve the right to return Radio Controlled models to the manufacturer, the manufacturers' agents or appointed United Kingdom or European importer as the representatives of the manufacturer for examination by their technical support staff before agreeing to a warranty repair or refund. If the fault or repair or parts required are determined by the manufacturers appointed representatives not to be covered by manufacturers warranty terms and to be a chargeable repair we will contact you to agree the work to be carried out.
We will endeavour to represent your interests to the manufacturer or the manufacturers appointed representative to obtain the best possible settlement of any repairs.

Assembly Kits
You may open sealed packages (eg. Parts bags) to verify that all parts are present, however if you wish to cancel self-assembly products these must be received back as delivered, ie. unassembled.
Please take care to ensure all parts are contained during examination, we reserve the right to deduct the cost of obtaining replacements for any missing parts from any refund payment. We suggest using the box lid or similar to ensure parts cannot escape.

Consumables, eg fuels, paints
Consumables will not be accepted for cancellation or refund once the container cap or seal has been opened unless the contents have been found to be defective on first opening. (eg. wrong colour or solidified paint.)

Specially Ordered, Commissioned or Custom Items
If you have asked us to order a specific, commission or customised product which we do not hold in stock your right of cancellation will be subject limitation.
We will endeavour to limit the loss to yourself where items can be offered for sale, however we reserve the right to require payment for any work done and costs incurred by Antics or any supplier to Antics >prior to cancellation in order to fulfil your original order or instruction.

Returning Items

If you need to return an item following cancellation or due to a fault or warranty or because you are not satisfied with your purchase please advise us by telephone or email as above.

You will need to pay for the return postage cost when returning products to Antics. Where a product is returned due to manufacturing defect found on or within 30 days of delivery we will refund the cost of return postage to your payment card.
We can arrange collection by courier of large and bulky items; under certain circumstances the cost of this may be deducted from any refund due.

After 30 days and for other warranty returns please see 'Warranty Returns' below or contact us to confirm the return arrangements, as some manufacturers prefer to resolve any issues with you directly. We will not reimburse return postage costs where the manufacturer has direct or Freepost return arrangement in place.

All items being returned by delivery services should be sent to our warehouse address at Stonehouse, Gloucestershire

Unit 1, Springfield Business Centre
Brunel Way
GL10 3SX

Please be aware that you are responsible for taking reasonable care of the products while these are in your possession and packing them in a manner suitable for return. The original manufacturers packaging and packaging used for outward shipment should be used whenever possible. We reserve the right to deduct the cost of repair from your refund in the event that goods are returned without their manufacturers packaging.

Please enclose a note with the return package which :

  • Provides information to identify yourself and your address, with your original order reference number if you have a record of this.
  • The reason for return with a brief description of any fault or defect you have found with the product.
  • Your preferred solution for repair / replacement of the product, or refund of your purchase.

Please send return packages by the cheapest method available for the package size. The Post Office counter staff will be able to advise on the most economical service.
We recommend asking the Post Office counter for a Proof of Postage document (free of charge) or receipt document from a collecting carriers' representative. In the event of the package being lost we will accept this document as proof of shipment of the return.

Please ensure that any postage payment made is shown on the label on the outside of the package. If this is not shown on the package label please forward a copy of the payment receipt by email. Return postage charges will be refunded where appropriate.
We will not refund charges for value added services such as (but not limited to) Special Delivery, except in cases where no appropriate lower cost service would be available.

Return to Antics Shops

Products purchased by Internet, mail or telephone order can also be returned to Antics shops at

  • Antics Stroud, 49 High Street, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 1AN
  • Antics Gloucester, 81 Northgate Street, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 2AG
  • Antics Bristol, 8 Fairfax Street, Bristol, BS1 3DB
  • Antics Plymouth, 86 Cornwall Street, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 1LR
  • Antics Cardiff, 11-13 Wyndham Arcade, Cardiff, South Glam CF10 1FH

Please take the web order details with you when returning items to shops. The item will be booked to your account and any refunds will be processed by our warehouse. The shop will not be able to make refunds on the day. At the discretion of the shop manager a returned item may be accepted as part payment for an alternative purchase.

Returns cannot be accepted by our mobile stand except where an item purchased at a show is found to be faulty before the end of the show. Please contact us as above for assistance with products purchased from Antics at shows and exhibitions.

Warranty Returns

If you find that a product is or appears to be defective on delivery please contact us as quickly as possible such that we will be aware of the issue and can commence arrangements to obtain a replacement.

If your model develops a fault or defect which you consider to be a manufacturing defect covered by the manufacturers warranty, or has developed a fault or defect with which you require Antics assistance or which requires attention from the manufacturer to correct please contact us. We have specialist staff in our shops who can assist you and many of our suppliers have technical support staff who are happy to help with troubleshooting their products.

Items can also be taken to any Antics shop where staff may be able to assist in resolving the problems or assist you with returning the item under the manufacturers warranty.
Warranty returns cannot be accepted by our mobile stand at shows or exhibitions.

Contact us by

Telephone - 01453 377030 (+44 1453 377030)