DCC Concepts DCW-iL.25 Solderless 3-Way i-Link Connectors Pack of 25

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While we really do prefer soldered connections, there are modellers who are unable or do not want to work under the layout with a soldering iron and times and places where its simply not convenient to solder.

We therefore looked long and hard at that is available to find the ideal connectors to make it easy, while also maintaining versatility and the best possible quality of connection.
DCCconcepts i-Link connectors are the result:

• We chose a 3-way connector as being the most versatile, so while many may only use the outer two for their power bus and dropper connections, those who also want to connect additional wires can easily do so.
• We chose the terminal size so it will work reliably with both smaller and larger wires, and cope perfectly with a combination of bus wire and droppers as well.

General instructions:
• Measure wire length carefully, then Strip the wires LONGER than needed and twist the stripped portions.
• If using the same entry port for two wires, then twist the two wires together as tightly as possible.
• Cut off the excess or any “ragged ends”. Re-tighten if needed with a pair of pliers at the stripped end.
• Insert the cut and stripped ends into the connector and SNAP” it closed. It will grip really well!

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