Fastrax 1/8 S40245W16P Sweep 1/8 Racing Treaded Tyre EVO16 Wheel White 1 Pair

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Sweep GT tyres made out of natural rubber for budget in mind, EXP for all out racing, made out of Sweep's own Hybrid rubber, Slick for Prepped surface, Treaded for dusty or rough surface track or street racing. (or when you want to be look really cool

Sweep wheels are ade out of very stiff, almost Zero flex material. straight forward traction, it doesn't change character by the weather or temperatures change. Spec Check: GT Rubber: Made out of Natural virgin rubber, great for VHT, Sugar coated tracks (one color dot). This Wheel will give you more traction while stay true and intact 82mm Maximum diameter 35 Grams Light 17mm Hex ROK SOLID
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