Rapido Trains OO 957011 BR M87990 Diagram 1/801 RBV Barrier Van ex-Express Fish Van Bauxite

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Initially deployed ion the express fish trains from the finishing ports of Scotland and the North East to the London fish markets via the former LNER East Coach Mainline these vans had long service lives into the 'blue diesel' era. Following the decline of express fish traffic in the 1960s these near-new vans were redeployed for express parcels service, the 15-feet wheelbase and roller bearings making them suitable for travel in regular parcels trains at speeds up to 75mph.
These vans were frequently used for bulk distribution services, the smaller van allowed BR to offer more terminal points, resulting in these vans reaching the farthest most corners of the network from Penzance to Thurso.
As the need for small parcels vans also declined in the 1970s many of these vans were adopted by the engineering departments for many uses. The vans were ideal for storing and moving re-railing equipment and packing at yards and depots where many minor derailments could them be cleared up without needing to call in a crane. A number were adapted as barrier vans for oil trains while a number finished their BR service as internal user stores vans. Several have been preserved, mostly continuing to serve as store vans.

BR 1/801 Barrier Van – No.M87990

  • BR Diagram 1/801
  • ‘RBV’ Barrier Van
  • No.M87990
  • BR Bauxite
  • OLEO buffers
  • Wheels running in metal bearings
  • High level of detail above and below the floor line
  • High quality livery application
  • NEM coupler pockets
  • 1:76 scale, (OO gauge)
  • UK designed
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