Revell 1/24 07504 DLK 23-12 Mercedes-Benz 1419/1422 Fire Engine Kit Limited Edition

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Fire alarm in a multi- storey block of flats! To rescue the people who are trapped and in mortal danger, the fire brigade's emergency control centre orders an escape ladder to the scene. One of the most efficient rescue vehicles of this type is the Metz DLK 23-12 based on the Mercedes Benz 1422 and the 1419. This vehicle is used predominantly for rescuing lives, for fire- fighting duties and for technical assistence operations. The four- part ladder extends telescopically to a total length of 30 m. The rescue height is 23 m with an outreach of 12 m. Mounted on a Turntable, the ladder is controlled by an oil- hydraulic systems. The strong and stable platform has three special compartments for additional equipment. When in use, the DLK 23-12 is secured by four supports that gives the vehicle maximum stability. The Mercedes Benz 1422 features a 6 cyl. V engine with a power output of 159 kW (216 HP); the maximum permissible total weight is 14t.

- Moving four-part ladder
- Metz rescue cage
- Moving turntable with control centre and operator's seat
- Extending supports
- Platform with a fluted surface texture
- Detailed chassis
- Moving wheels
- Mercedes Benz engine
- Detailed cab with ladder supports
- Transfer with registration plates for different versions.

Colors required: 4 7 30 34 77 99 302 332 350
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