Corgi Military Ranges

From Showcase to Forward March rang of detailed diecast figures of famous people, civilian and military, plus historical diorama scenes.

US Army Command car is painted in the standard US Army olive drab with the General's rank flag on the right fender and the Army flag on the left. There was a wide variety of markings and additional equipment used on command cars, from air horns and red rank flags, depending on the attitude of the officer it was assigned to.

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Corgi's Forward March is a range of cast white metal 54mm painted models of significant historical figures, model soldiers, sailors and lifelike dioramas.

Offering collections from across the past 200 years, there is something for most enthusiasts from the time of Trafalgar to the horrors of the Somme, great leaders and civilian `unsung heroes'. Miniature and full size campaign medals have been produced to accompany the series and vouchers are included in each pack so that these can be acquired. Each diorama does include a miniature campaign medal.