DCC Concepts DCP-CB1IP Cobalt Omega (Classic) Slow Action Point Motor

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Cobalt motors draw a very low current: even at its maximum voltage it draws just 30mA (that is just 30 thousandths of an amp) yet it works well at 6v and very strongly at its recommended voltage of 9 volts DC. Cobalt can be powered via a small “wall mounted” type power supply such as the GMC-WM2, however please note that damage can occur if they are connected to anything over a 12 volt DC regulated supply. They can be switched by standard latching type switches, short term power such as pushbuttons or it can even be automated simply via use of DPDT relays, and of course the Cobalt Lever Frame Switches(DCDCP-CBS).
Each Cobalt turnout motor comes complete with everything needed including the screws needed to fix it to the baseboard and we have also created a wide accessory range to complement the motors. Cobalt has been designed to be installed vertically for turnout operation or horizontally for semaphore signal and can also be used for things like level crossing boom actuation. The actuator wire is of the correct stiffness for reliable turnout throw and has been pre-formed for easy mounting.
Please Note these motors use a Maximum 12 volt DC regulated power supply.
Cobalt motors can also be used with the Cobalt PSU2 power supply.
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