Dapol O Gauge GM7210203 BR 09022 Class 09 Shunter BR Blue Weathered Gaugemaster Collection

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The British Rail Class 09 is a class of 0-6-0 diesel locomotive designed primarily for shunting and also short distance freight trip workings. The 26 locos were variants of the late built standard 350/400bhp class 08 shunting locomotives, equipped with different gearing to give a top speed of 27.5 mph (44 km/h), making them more suitable for short trips on mainlines, at the expense of a lower tractive effort. Introduced from 1959 to 1962 the class was concentrated on the Southern Region, although initially some allocated to depots in the Midlands and North. In addition to the standard headstock-mounted air and vacuum train brake connections the locomotives were fitted with high level air brake connections to match with the connections on the Southern region third-rail EMU stock. Following privatisation and the reduction in shunting requirements on the Southern class 09 locomotives have become more distributed across the network, particularly to locations where wagons are frequently 'tripped' between yards. Several have also been purchased for heritage railway service where the class 09s higher speed capability is better suited to the 25mph line speed than the standard 08's 15mph limit when a 'stand-in' diesel is needed in a hurry.

Gaugemaster Collection Model:

This stunning replica of the Class 09 diesel shunter is the ideal addition to any O Gauge layout from late steam era to modern. It features lots of fine details which including sprung buffers, three link couplings and separately added detail parts. There are electrical pick-ups on all six wheels and having a chassis made of tungsten means it is a very reliable model to run on your model railway. A powerful five pole motor drives the six wheels which have been fitted with a rotating coupling rod to add to the detail. The finely applied paint scheme really makes the model stand out and ensures it is a must have for the model railway.

Locomotive Details:

  • Class: 09
  • Livery: BR Blue - Weathered
  • Era: 7-8 (1971-1994)
  • Wheel Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Length: 205mm
  • Finish: Pristine


  • Decoder: 21 Pin DCC ready
  • Couplings: 3-link
  • Track Supply: 12v DC


  • Finely moulded body with separately added detail parts
  • Sprung buffers
  • Sprung couplings
  • Tungsten chassis
  • All wheel pick up
  • All wheel drive
  • Cast metal wheels in appropriate colour to match livery
  • Five Pole skew motor with slow running control
  • Bag of spare detail parts to fix to the locomotive
  • Accessory bag with spares and other added detail.
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