O Gauge

Locomotives, Coaches and Wagons in O gauge. Ready to run by Dapol and Heljan, kits from Slaters, Peco and Parkside. Track, points and accessories by Peco, Slaters and decals by Modlemasters.

A steady increase in the range of detailed ready to run locomotives has greatly improved the appeal of O gauge. Solid looking trains, big enough to look like the wagons could do a useful job and real three-link couplings can be used with ease.

The O gauge product range has grown in both variety and popularity following the highly successful venture into ready-to-run locomotives by Dapol with the classic 'Brighton Terrier', ubiquitous BR class 08 shunter and distinctive GWR panniers.
We have now split the locomotive ranges for Dapol, Heljan and the smaller manufacturers, so you'll find their models and latest announcements listed in their own sections.

Ready-to-run and kit coaches and wagons have also been given their own sections by manufacturer or product as appropriate. Wherever possible the in stock models will appear at the top of the lists.