Hornby OO R30286 S&DJR 46 Fowler Class 2P 4-4-0 Passenger Engine Somerset & Dorset Prussian Blue

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The LMS 2P class locomotive, designed by Sir Henry Fowler for light passenger work, had its origins in the Midland Railway's 4-4-0 483 Class designed by Samuel Johnson and modified by Richard Deeley. Introduced post-grouping in 1928 the 2Ps dimensions were modified from the 482 class and the boiler mountings reduced.

Between 1928 and 1931, 128 2P locomotives were produced at either Crewe of Derby Locomotive Works. The locomotive layout was a basic and well proven two inside frame cylinder design, characteristic of the Midland Railway's design philosophy.

In addition to being employed by the LMS, three of the locomotives, numbers 44-46 were allocated from new to the Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway (S&DJR) however once the LMS assumed responsibility for the motive power on the line in 1930 they were absorbed into the LMS fleet as numbers 633-635.

Where loads dictated, 2Ps were often run double headed primarily as the LMS had a shortage of larger heavy duty or express locomotives to serve such services.

Typically painted in basic clack livery by the LMS, other colour schemes did prevail. The S&DJR locomotive were painted in Prussian Blue and in later BR days the locomotives were appropriately lined out for mixed traffic working in accordance with British Railway policy.

Their use on the steeply graded S&DJR between Bournemouth West and Bath Green Park was a particularly interesting development, given their larger 6ft 6½in diameter driving wheels were not considered ideal for such lines.

All but two of the locomotives would make it into BR service with the final 15 scrapings taking place in 1962. No members of the class were preserved and as of 2022 there is no new build project underway for the 2P.

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