Hornby OO R3284TTS Railroad 4472 Flying Scotsman fitted with TTS Sound Decoder

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Bristol: 1, Cardiff: 1, Gloucester: 1, Plymouth: 1, Stroud: 1
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Although extremely effective such an element of realism has understandably added cost to an already highly detailed model. With the cost concerns associated with such embellishments the Hornby engineers have developed a unique sound decoder that not only provides superior DCC control but also dedicated sounds associated with the locomotives that have been installed with this new sound decoder.

Classified as being fitted with TTS (Twin Track Sound) these new type sound locomotives reap the benefit of the Hornby development resulting in an amazingly low retail cost for a fully DCC Sound locomotive. Each locomotive will have no less than 16 Sound functions specific to the chosen model, including whistle/horn, start up, idling, wheel slip if appropriate plus a host of other relevant sounds.
  • Class:  A1
  • Designer:  Flying Scotsman
  • Wheel Configuration:  4-6-2
  • Dimensions:  293mm
  • DCC Ready:  DCC Fitted
  • Livery:  LNER
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