Peco PL-1001 Twistlock Point Motor with Switch

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Installation is also easy using the drilling template supplied with each motor to accurately mark and drill the mounting and operating rod holes from the top of the baseboard.
Simply lay out your track to set the final position of the turnout, then slide the template under the turnout, align it with the rails and moving tiebar and temporarily fix it in place. Now lift the turnout and drill the central operating hole and small mounting pin holes at the points shown on the template from the top of the baseboard.
Underneath the baseboard install the Twistlock mounting posts in the small holes.
The point can now be re-instated and the point motor rod fed up through the hole from beneath to engage the operating hole in the point tiebar.
Finally the point motor is twisted to secure it to the two mounting posts, locking it in place.
(The motor can be locked in place before the point is reinstalled and the operating pin fed through the tiebar as the point is reinstalled if this is easier.)

A double-pole double-throw accessory switch is supplied with this motor, fitting onto the underside of the point motor with the same Twistlock action.

Link to the installation article on the Peco website. Link to the PECO TV YouTube Twistlock video.
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