Peco PL-12 Point Motor Adaptor Base Assembled for PL10 Motors

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1. If the modeller wisheds to mount the turnout motor above the baseboard, rather than below, then the adaptor base is used. An extension arm included allows the motor to be positioned up to 40mm away from the track. The point's over centre spring has to be removed as that in the base takes over. The whole unit, including motor, can be disguised by placing a small building, such as an LK-4 Lineside Hut, over it.

2. If the modeller wishes to power non-PECO points which do not have the over centre spring action. The adaptor base is positioned underneath the point and the PL-10 is attached to it, allowing the the point to be operated as if it were PECO.

Have a question about this product? Let us know