Class 35 Hymek

Beyer Peacock type hydraulics. The type 3 locomotive classes with between 1,500 and 1,999 bhp engines have proven the most useful rating band in British service. The type 3 hydraulics were a design by Beyer, Peacock and company with a single, larger Maybach engine than the two-engined type 4s and Mekydro transmission, leading the the Hymek name. After initial de-bugging of the locomotives the Hymeks settled down to be reliable performers on secondary passenger, parcels and general freight duties and, like class 37s, capable of standing in for a type 4 in a crisis. Phased out with the planned withdraw of the diesel hydraulic classes in 1976, with 4 examples surviving in preservation.
First Batch model Numbered D7097
Model has been very lightly used but does have cracked gears. Two brand new sets are in the box ready to replace
Couplings are missing but hooks fitted.  It does contain new couplings 
New batch model shown in picture
One end has had a headcode fitted
Warehouse: 1
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